Sup ya'll?? A LOT has happened since the last post, up to and including marriage and a ton of meals! I'm feeling a bit rusty but I've had a few things catch my eye lately and I can't resist sharing them.

First off is this great-sounding recipe that I StumbledUpon (if you don't know what that is, sign up immediately and prepare to be addicted) that I can't wait to try. Straight from The Pastry Affair blog, it's Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread and it sounds amazing. You can skip through the entire article which goes on about dry pancakes and whatnot, but in the end I can't help but anticipate this tasting like a savory version of my mother's fantastic monkey pull apart bread. Super stoked to give it a whirl. (Pastry Affair- I hope you don't mind me using your picture- it just makes me drool!)

Secondly, The Daily Meal had two articles that tickled my fancy, the first having the tantalizing title "4 Restaurants Where You'll Never, Ever, Get a Table", which goes into ridiculous detail on 4 of the zaniest, most absurd, downright daffy "restaurants" (which seems to be a loose title) from around the world. From a terrifying white water rafting destination to a beauty requirement, if you pass the test, get selected at random from a city of millions, or even survive, you aren't guaranteed to have your tastebuds tickled. A challenge- most certainly!

The second article is merely a categorized list of the 150 Best Bars in America as chosen by The Daily Meal, and while obviously New York and LA dominate, there's a great selection from even the corners of suburbia and the tumbleweeds of Middle America. I for one might prefer a jukebox bar over molecular mixology, but even if you're lookin' to get lucky there's a bar for you!

Lastly, another addiction (Incredible Things) led me to a miraculous discovery of a bottled iced coffee only to dash my dreams by alerting me to its location- Australia! I'm partial to the chilled version of my daily cuppa joe, and the thought of having it potentially ready made at my beck and call was enough to get my synapses doing Jazzercise. That bottled Starbucks chilled junk just doesn't get my mojo going, but until One Tree Coffee is available Stateside, I suppose my cold brewing will have to suffice. Plus, I think we can all agree this is a pretty snazzy looking bottle (courtesy of Incredible Things)

That's all for now- I solemnly swear that I am up to SOME good and won't leave you hanging for another few months.